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bullet SpecialEdLawMichigan - This list is for: Special Education Parents, Caregivers, Advocates and Attorneys in the State of Michigan. Topics may include: IEP's, ESY, Related Services, IDEA97, Michigan Revised Administrative Rules for Special Education... However, all topics related to Special Education are open for discussion. 180 members

bullet TheArcMichigan - Welcome to The Arc Michigan Listserv! Everyone is welcome, please click on, "Join." Thank you. Our Mission: The Arc Michigan exists to empower local chapters of The Arc to assure that citizens with developmental disabilities are valued and that they and their families can participate fully in and contribute to the life of their community. 26 members

bullet Michigan-PAC - Welcome to the Michigan Parent Advisory Council (PAC) listserv! This listserv as a way for (all) parents to share PAC information throughout the state. Thank you! *You need not be a PAC member to join this listserv.   Everyone is welcome. 84 members
bullet Autism-Michigan - This list is for anyone on the Autism Spectrum or with a loved one, student or patient with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. The list is to provide resource information & support. Posts are not limited to any type of therapy or subject. This is for people to share their experiences and ask/answer questions about Autism. The majority of information may be specific to Michigan but is not limited to Michigan. 375 members
bullet Michigan_FEAT - The Michigan FEAT mailing list was formed to help parents band together to create a "Families for Early Autism Treatment" group in our state.   Once it's created the mailing list will be used for bulletins, announcements and as a general support forum for members.   Michigan FEAT will be made up of individuals (mostly parents) who are dedicated to ensuring that children with an autism spectrum disorder recieve the best education, advocacy and support.   This may include setting families up with information on state and federal resources, educating families on different types of therapies and pointing them in the right direction when they have chosen the therapy that is right for them.   It may also include trying to start or change state programs to help families pay for therapy.   We may have fundraisers and benefits to offset the cost of members' therapy they are providing.   We may also have a reference and toy lending library.   These are some of the things we would like to work on. 75 members
bullet ADHD-Michigan - This is a group created for parents in Michigan that have ADD/ADHD children and wish to gather and support one another. This can be your place to ask questions, discuss   daily life and just hang out together. You can share and receive tips, get feedback and support on dealing with the situations and problems that are unique to ADD / ADHD Families. 42 members
bullet WayneCountySpecialParents - This is a private list for Parents and Caregivers of Special Needs/Special Education children living in the Wayne County in Michigan. We will share local news and events, such as:   Special Education Issues, Upcoming Seminars for Parents, Wayne County School Board Meeting Agendas which impact Special Education, Wayne County RESA PAC Meetings*, Proposed changes to Michigan Administrative Rules, IDEA97, IEP Support, and Recreational Activities for our Children. We can also offer support to one another and share personal stories about our wonderful children. 33 members
bullet TheArcGPHW - Welcome to The Arc Grosse Pointe Harper Woods, Michigan Chapter, Listserv for Members! 11 members
bullet GPParents - This is a private list for parents of special needs/special education children living in the Grosse Pointe School District in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.   This includes parents of children enrolled in special education programs in the Grosse Pointe Public School District who live in:   Hamtramck, Harper Woods and Highland Park.   This would also include parents residing in the Grosse Pointe school district, who send their children out of district or to private schools, or parents who home-school their children with disabilities.   We also welcome all parents of children at the Foundation for Exceptional Children, as well as any parent of a child with a disability enrolled in a Public School Academy (Charter School) in Grosse Pointe. 50 members
bullet PartnershipForDifferentLearners - Welcome to Partnership For Different Learners, A Parent Teacher Organization, Grosse Pointe Public Schools, Michigan. Mission Statement: Partnership for Different Learners is an organization of parents, educators and administrators who are committed to sharing information and resources in a collaborative manner to promote educational excellence for students with special needs to reach their maximum potential. 13 members
bullet LFSL - The LFSL Mailing List serves as an online support group for it's members. You must be a parent of a child enrolled in special education through the Lapeer Community School District or the Lapeer Intermediate School District to be accepted.   Applicants will be considered for membership through a personal interview with a LFSL board member. 6 members

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