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bullet Bridges4KidsNewsDigest - Hello!! Sign up for the free bridges4kids News Digest today! You will receive the latest weekly updates in your email on: State and National Education News, Special Education, Disability Issues, Legislative Updates, Resources, Conferences &; much, much more! The easiest way to stay up-to-date on all of the issues that matter to you, JUST GOT EASIER! We are a community of equal partners coming together to provide a circle of support for ALL children from birth to adult life with a special focus on those who have disabilities, special needs, or who are at-risk. 1450 members

bullet ReedMartinSPEDlaw - Reed Martin, J.D., Special Education Strategies And Resources.   Assisting parents and advocates in special education advocacy for children with disabilities. Welcome to the ReedMartinSPEDlaw listserv.   Everyone is welcome in the discussion of special education laws and advocacy techniques. 4 members 439

bullet InclusionKids - This is a support group for parents/guardians of children who are ADD, ADHD, ASD, Asperger's, Bipolar, CAPD, Down Syndrome, HFA, Hyperlexia, Learning Disability, OCD, ODD, PDD, PDDNOS, SID, Speech and Language Delay or any type of "Shadow Syndrome", who have started "Inclusion" Kindergartener thru Grade 5 in the school year, 2002-2003. 121 members

bullet Friends_of_Andy - The members of this group support the cutting-edge research of Andrew Wakefield, M.D., and his colleagues because the Government won't. This list serves as the primary mechanism for accurate and early dissemination of Dr. Wakefield's findings; it hosts a periodic dialogue between parents of affected children and Dr. Wakefield; and - in concert with Medical Interventions for Autism and other charities - it facilitates desperately needed parent-driven fundraising efforts that support Dr. Wakefield's research. By participating and helping, you will help to End the Autism Epidemic. 11 members

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